Summer in Washington is both an internship and an adventure

by Kennedy Coopwoodimagejpeg_2

This past summer, I had the opportunity to have a few summer internships in the D.M.V area. For those that aren’t hip to the city lingo, DMV stands for D.C, Maryland and Virginia (it’s ok, I had to learn it too!).

During the school year I began researching summer internships -which I highly recommend doing as early as January of that year- and reaching out to family members and people I knew in different areas around the country. I was fortunate enough to get in contact with a CEO of a local magazine in the northern Virginia area. During my spring break, instead of vacationing in Florida, I hopped on a plane to D.C to meet this potential boss in person (trying to show her I was dedicated and that I took my professional life seriously). Long story short, she was too busy to even meet with me but I landed something just as great.

During my stay, I had the privilege to speak with another women in charge of her own visitor’s guidebook magazine in Fredericksburg Virginia. She had never had an intern before and was probably more excited than I to have someone working with her. She hired me on the spot to handle the PR and advertising needs for her business. Although it was a lot on my plate, I worked hard at every task she had me perform. I did everything from handling her website and emails to actually visiting companies that advertised in her magazine. Going door-to-door meeting with advertisers and potential advertisers really gave me that hands on experience that most interns yearn for.

When the magazine was ready to print, she surprised me with the job of editing the ENTIRE magazine. We’re talking 80 pages worth of line-by-line revisions. It was a lot, I stayed up until
3A.M one night finishing it, but I was proud of myself nonetheless. I also did another internship on weekends at a radio station in D.C where I screened calls for an A.M talk show on SaturdaySnapchat-8800984648177348113 mornings called “The Larry Rosenthal Show”. I didn’t think I wanted to go into radio but I wanted any type of journalism experience I could get. Now that I am finished, I’m a bit more interested in the radio field.

Living in the D.M.V area this summer was quite an experience. Working long hours and sitting through traffic every morning and evening was AWFUL but I was nothing but grateful for the opportunities I was given. I definitely would recommend trying the D.C area for summer work because there is just an abundance of opportunities waiting to get picked up by students eager to learn! NABJ is also a great resource to help stay connected and gain friends all around the country who have been there, done that and are ready to help!


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