Kennedy Coopwood has a Bliss-filled experience as a remote intern.

12096166_10207033736615307_4222502358090849073_nThis summer was a summer of New for me. For the first half of the summer I was in Africa on study abroad. Immersed in a different culture, I learned a lot about myself, others and the art of communication (which was extremely crucial in my upcoming summer involvements).

Upon returning, I felt hindered in the internship department because internships were well underway by mid-June. Nonetheless I applied for what seemed like hundreds of positions; majority remotely because trying to pack and move for the remainder of the summer seemed a bit much for me. I landed a remote internship for a magazine based in Texas called “Bliss Magazine.”

I was brought on as the editorial intern so it gave me a lot of responsibly—and fast. I was put in charge of all social media accounts, advertising, vendors, etc.; it was a lot. On top of being in charge of that, I had to post three times a day on social media and a certain number of times on the website and blog a week. Doing this all remotely was challenging for me as communication had to be up to par. I had to have my phone charged at all times—which is definitely a rarity for me!

Working for Bliss was especially different in that It has TWO magazines that make up the company as a whole—Bliss Lifestyle and Bliss Bridal. SO picture all that I mentioned and times it by two. I went from fear of not having an internship to (in a sense) having two. Working remotely with such a huge position kind of got overwhelming at times but I had an amazing team who was there to assist with anything I was struggling with along the way. Working with a magazine on the editorial side was also new for me, which was great experience. I learned a GREAT deal about the operations and productions of the magazine business and have found a new interest in the industry.

I thank NABJ, specifically the NABJ-IU chapter, for their assistance in equipping me with the fundamentals of being a thorough, risk-taking, communication specialist and journalist that I am becoming. From stepping out of my home country, to applying for something I had little experience in, I can say that I definitely wouldn’t have had the courage to gain newer and richer experience if it wasn’t for the support and encouragement of NABJ.


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