Feyi Alufohai explores Atlanta and a different side of journalism at an Alt- Weekly

After spending a good portion of my spring semester sending out my resume and applying for countless internships. I stumbled across Creative Loafing, an alt-weekly newspaper based in Atlanta, Georgia. Until that point, I had heard a lot of ‘try again next year’ ‘we would love to have you, but all positions are filled’ ‘we can offer you a position in the fall’. I realized I started the application process late.

FullSizeRender-4Sometimes life throws a lot of NOs your way, but it is that one YES, that can change everything. It is a good thing I was familiar with Creative Loafing because I used to read a lot of their content when I went to high school an hour and a half away from Atlanta. After applying for the Creative Loafing internship, I went through the interview stage. Which had to be over the phone because I was still at IU attending classes and could not go into their office in person. I thought this would reduce my chances of getting the internship but a couple days later I got an email letting me know I was selected to join their team this summer!

My first day was pretty standard. I met my boss, the digital editor and she introduced me to everyone and the other interns. I worked as the digital intern and my role involved anything involving our online content and social media. One thing I truly loved about working at Creative Loafing was the “vibe” of the office and the people. Most of the employees are in their late 20’s or early 30’s, which reflects the voice of the publication. The publication is very liberal, open-minded and inclusive. The people are relaxed, friendly and also very hardworking.

I gained a lot of insight through working here but I am not going to lie to you, I had huge expectations going into this internship and they were not all met. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed working at Creative Loafing but I wanted more hands on reporting, interviewing and editorial tasks. I always say, “don’t put the blame on one side, it takes two”. I should have been more outspoken and asked for more projects.

Another amazing aspect of working at Creative Loafing was being able to be in the city. Downtown Atlanta is very different from the rest of Georgia. Being in the South, most of the social views are very conservative but Atlanta is it’s own being. I never got to truly appreciate the city, when I went to high school in Georgia. However, through my internship, I found a new love for Atlanta and gained work experience doing it!


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